Girl Meets Bug Teaches You to Savor the Pests You Normally Kill

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: edibug.wordpress & io9
A long-time insectophile and critter lover, Daniella Martin writes about anthropods for the Huffington Post and moonlights as the host of a cooking show called 'Girl Meets Bug.' When food supplies collapse in the inevitable apocalypse, you'll need to now how to prepare the tastiest fried scorpion possible!

Despite the reality that most cultures -- in the past and today -- consider eating insects to be perfectly normal, the healthy majority of my friends would bow away from trying one. After all, most bugs posses ample protein for their weight and Daniella assures viewers that some species of larvae taste like bacon and, after all, who doesn't love bacon? Girl Meets Bug guides adventurous tasters through the preparation of the most exquisite insect-centered meals: waxworm tacos, groundnut caterpillars and deep-fried scorpion. Tasty!