'Fire the Chef 2' Shows Creepy but Faux Photoshop Cuisine

 - Jan 13, 2010
References: fxb.worth1000
Fire the Chef 2 is a clever followup series to a Worth1000 photoshop contest held a while back with the theme: strange meals from around the world. Of course, these dishes are the devilish concoctions of photoshop chefs, and not real culinary masters.

The Fire the Chef 2 images include a Toad Burger, Grub & Maggot Burger, Egyptian Kebab, a real cocktail and maggot pasta, Breakfast Eyes, brain-infused wine, Toasteye, Moo Goo Gaibug, a WcBurpger and an eyeball omelet.

I'm pretty daring when it comes to food, but yuck! I would not like to eat these items! For more pictures of truly bizarre meals concocted by some truly photoshop savvy entrants, check out the whole Fire the Chef gallery on Worth1000.