Stacked Meat Burgers From to Grilled Cheese Burgers

 - Aug 27, 2014
Finding a delicious burger is easy but finding one that pushes all sorts of fast food boundaries is like finding a nugget of gold in a mine of coal. As gourmet and fast food flavors collide, finding outrageous burger combinations has never been so easy and accessible.

Burgers are a great fast food dish that can easily be customizable to suit a wide variety of tastes and palettes. The best part is that burgers can be incorporate with a slew of other dishes in flavors making the iconic beef patty, bread bun and cheese meal a staple in food fusion. Foodies can find burgers filled with macaroni and cheese, donuts, cereal treats and even booze. Bread is also a thing of the past as we see many burgers topped with grill cheese sandwiches, weaved bacon buns and even sliced fruit.