Snail Caviar from France

 - Dec 28, 2008
References: caviar-escargot & luxury-insider
De Jaeger of France is offering unpasteurized snail caviar to the world of gastronomy. That’s right; escargot eggs are slowly gaining popularity as a lavish snack food. Until recently, the luxury delicacy has commonly been the eggs of the sturgeon fish. This version of caviar is white in color and looks remarkably similar to tiny pearls. It has been prepared in a salt brine with rosemary essence.

The De Jaeger snail farmers lovingly grow their critters in pens, allowing them to lay eggs once a year. On average the snails lay 100 eggs at a time and it takes 260 layings to get a kilogram of high-quality caviar. The snail caviar costs $115 for a 50-gram tin.