From Healthy Seed Smoothies to Liquid Rotten Cheese Recipes

 - Sep 9, 2014
From the ultra-healthy to the very questionable, these sensational smoothie drinks are designed with the blending enthusiast in mind. If you're a fan of liquified breakfast foods or juice cleanse diets, then you'll love these unique and tasty smoothie drink recipes.

Standouts from this list include Skinny Taste's watermelon chia seed smoothie that is both a fresh and fiber-filled breakfast idea. The blog's heath-centric smoothie is not only good for your but is also incredibly tasty.

Another memorable example from the list is a less favorable but interesting example. The Blue Stilton milk shake is a rotten cheese smoothie that liquifies the artisan dairy specialty. While drinkable cheese may not seem appetizing for most, this unique flavor is being sold at Moo Juce in Brighton and isn't scaring customers away.