This Pearls Before Swine Drink Gets its Frothy Texture From Greek Yogurt

 - Jul 4, 2014
References: food52 & food52
This Pearls Before Swine cocktail created by Joaquín Simó has a foamy texture that was achieved without the use of heavy egg whites or cream. Instead this boozy drink is infused with Greek yogurt to create a light, airy and refreshing summer drink.

Most people expect to see yogurt on their breakfast table rather than in their cocktails. Simó cleverly subverts this expectation by creating a delicious gin, rose water, shaved ice and lemon juice alcoholic drink that is infused with the tart taste of yogurt. Yogurt is a great way to add a foamy layer to any of your favorite drinks without adding unnecessary sugars or any raw foods.

Mix the ingredients up in a cocktail shaker and double strain them into a glass to get that deliciously frothy texture. Or you pour the ingredients over shaved ice for a smoothie-like drink.