From Fruity Black Tea Smoothies to Probiotic Coconut Drinks

 - Sep 1, 2015
These yogurt-based drinks provide a new way to enjoy the delicious dairy snack. Although many people enjoy their yogurt with a spoon, the creamy ingredient is also a great addition to drinks as well. Whether it's a smoothie or a cocktail, yogurt is a healthy way to enhance your favorite drinks.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy yogurt is in the form of a delicious fruit smoothie. Yogurt makes an excellent addition to smoothies because it can provide a healthy dose of protein and calcium. Some delicious examples of yogurt-based shakes include fruity black tea smoothies, detoxing chocolate smoothies and roasted cherry smoothies.

For those who prefer something less filling than a smoothie, there are a number of other drinks that rely on yogurt for a boost of healthy probiotics. Some of these yogurt-based drinks include beverages such as probiotic coffees and protein shakes. For something truly unique, there are also several cocktails that use yogurt to achieve a sweet and frothy texture.