Moma's 'Yog-Oat Smoothie' Offers More Nutrition Than Regular Yogurt Drinks

The Moma 'Yog-Oat Smoothie' is a nourishing low-fat yogurt drink that's been enhanced with the addition of real fruit and oats. In order to assure consumers that the texture of the drink is satisfyingly smooth and chunk-free, the front portion of Moma's packaging includes a promise of "no bits."

The single-serve bottles come in vibrant fruit flavors like Mango & Peach, as well as Strawberry & Banana, which will appeal to consumers who are looking for a healthy, easy and ultra-portable way to fuel up on protein and fiber.

With many young Millennials and Millennial parents seeking products that will quickly supply protein, yogurt and yogurt drinks like these ones are especially appealing for delivering benefits in a read-to-drink format.