From Sea Vegetable Juices to Caffeinated Protein Drinks

 - Jul 2, 2016
The June 2016 beverage trends reveal that when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, consumers are looking for more than just a quick way to rehydrate. With drinks ranging from energizing iced teas to immunity-boosting coffees, it is clear that functional benefits are just as important as taste.

When it comes to drinks that do more than just hydrate, functional juices seem to reign supreme. For instance, there are basil seed beverages that help to curb hunger with natural ingredients. There are also yogurt-based green juices that promise to do everything from reduce anxiety to promote healthy skin.

The June 2016 beverage trends also reveal that consumers are icreasingly demanding more of their coffee-based drinks as well. Indeed, it seems that coffee's energy-boosting properties are no longer enough for consumers who are looking for additional benefits. Some examples of these functional coffees include immunity-boosting brews and protein-rich cafe lattes.