These Illy Coffee Creations Blend Green Tea and Espresso Ingredients

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24
Illy's recently released two limited edition matcha coffee creations that feature creamy and frothy textures. The beverages include signature cappuccino and mocha blends that are made with the detoxifying green tea powder additive. The coffee brand's third signature drink is a 'Dolcespresso Matcha & Coco' beverage that is topped with whipped green tea cream.

While it has been a popular ingredient in Asia for decades, matcha green tea powder has gained immense popularity in North America and Europe in recent months, making these Illy menu addition all the more desirable to a mass market.

Those looking for a subtle infusion of green tea powder can enjoy a hot cappuccino or an iced mocha blend that both boast frothy textures. Others looking to indulge can give Illy's creamier Dolcespresso Matcha & Coco drink a try.