Cascara's Refreshing Iced Tea Drinks are Infused with Extracts

This refreshing iced tea drink is made with more than just aromatic tea. Cascara Iced Tea gets its name from the ingredient cascara, which is known as the pulp of the coffee cherry. This unusual ingredient is dried and infused into the tea used to make these beverages before it is enhanced with other flavorful extracts. Some of the unique flavors of Cascara Iced Tea include maté and dragonfruit or rhubarb and fennel.

In order to emphasize the energizing properties of this refreshing iced tea drink, creative agency Studio Schoch created a vibrant packaging design for the brand that includes a large lion motif on the front of the bottle.

On top of satisfying a consumer's desire for refreshment on the go, these drinks will appeal to those who want to experiment with exciting flavor combinations.