From Hydrating Melon Waters to Yogurt-Based Coffee Drinks

 - Apr 24, 2016
From watermelon-based drinks that provide a refreshing way to stay hydrated to blended coffees made from frozen yogurt, the April 2016 drinking trends reveal a renewed focus on chilled beverages. Indeed, with summer just around the corner, there is a greater emphasis on cold beverage innovations.

One of the categories that has received the most attention recently is that of functional waters. Beyond waters infused with extra vitamins, there are now functional drinks designed to deliver a wide variety of benefits. Some noteworthy examples of functional water innovations include detoxifying aloe waters, manganese-rich birch waters and cleansing chlorophyll waters.

Beyond water, the April 2016 drinking trends also reveal major innovations when it comes to coffee-based beverages. For example, Cafe Racer is a carbonated cold brew coffee that comes in a ready-to-drink bottle. Additionally, Chick-fil-A is introducing a new blended coffee beverage made with frozen yogurt.