This Unique Iced Coffee Flavor is Enhanced with a Fresh Herb

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: afreshfeast
Mocha, cinnamon and vanilla are a few iced coffee flavors that are loved by those with a sweet tooth. But with the rise of food and beverage hybrids, there are a number of unusual flavor pairings that are appealing to those who can also appreciate salty, sour, savory and bitter combinations. This is being seen as sweet ingredients being included in traditionally savory dishes and vice versa.

A great example of this is the Basil Iced Tea recipe that comes from the A Fresh Feast blog. Of the four ingredients in this recipe, three of them are common to iced beverages—ground coffee, water and sugar. However, fresh basil is added in order to make a flavorful syrup that turns this traditionally sweet drink into a sophisticated herb-infused beverage.