The Boxxle is a Countertop Wine Dispenser that Holds Three Liters of Liquid

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: fancy
The Boxxle wine dispensers is an ideal kitchen appliance for those that enjoy the fortified beverage on an ongoing basis to have in their home. The dispenser is designed to hold up to three liters of wine in an airtight bag allowing the liquid to stay fresh for long periods of time. The format of the appliance allows for easy pouring without causing oxidation to the rest of the wine.

Opening a bottle of wine can quickly lead to oxidation, if the wine isn't consumed in its entirety quickly after being uncorked. The Boxxle prevents this issue with an intergrated vacuum sealed bag that reduces spoilage and keeps the liquid tasting as fresh as when it was first opened. The device sits on countertops and dispenses a full glass at the press of a button.