The Foamy Head Server Ensures Canned Beer is Served with Adequate Foam

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: japantrendshop & 7gadgets
Canned beer often lacks the presentation of a pint poured from a tap, making the Table Beer Haour Foamy Head Server an ideal at-home alternative to ensuring the foamy beer is up to par with the perfect amount of head. The dispenser creatively flips a can upside down so that it can be poured from a tap as if from a keg.

Pints of beer are often considered properly pour depending on the right amount of foamy head served overtop of the brew. The Table Beer Hour Foamy Head Server ensures that even with canned beer, the liquid has a proper amount of head on it. The dispenser features a holder for the beer can to sit upside down in as well as a connecting tap. The tap hooks up to the lip of the beer can pouring the liquid effortlessly while the upside down positioning guarantees the right amount of pint foam.