Shreebs' 'Salted Dulse' is Prepared by Mixing Spices and Coffee with Salt

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: foodgps & shreebscoffee
In Spanish, "dulse" is a word that means "sweet," but the flavor of Shreebs' Salted Dulse is a complex beverage that provides more than one flavor note by combining coffee with salt.

Shreebs is a pop-up that offers freshly roasted pour-over coffee in Los Angeles' booming Arts District. The star of the pop-up is a single-origin coffee from Mexico that's used to make a number of the signature beverages on the menu. The Salted Dulse is one that's prepared by combining this coffee with black pepper, cardamom, cane sugar and sea salt, before it is combined with chilled ice and rich 2% milk.

While adding salt to coffee may seem odd, it actually plays a big part in reducing bitterness. Other than experimenting with sea salt and spices, Shreebs also gets inventive with creamy and spicy elements in drinks like its Choco Chile and Horchata.