Malibu is Now Serving Fruity Flavors of Rum in a Can

Cloudy Lemonade, Diet Cola and Mango are a few of the exotic new flavors of ready-to-drink rum in a can being produced by Malibu.

Malibu is known for its fresh flavors and tall bottles, these sparkling pre-mixed drinks offer a new way for consumers to enjoy the rum-based beverages on the go. While the drinks are being introduced in new packaging, Super Tuesday's clever can design alludes to the iconic shape of the Malibu bottles on its slim can designs. Just like a pack of beer, the slim Malibu Cans now come in portable cases of four, which take most of the work out of preparing flavorful alcoholic drinks.

Beverages in the ready-to-drink category are in high demand, especially by consumers who lead busy lives, as well as those who are making the conscious choice to avoid carbonated drinks.