This High-Protein Beer is Designed for Health-Conscious Beer Drinkers

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: musclefood & eater
'Barbell Brew' is a high-protein beer that helps gym-goers stay fit without giving up their favorite drink. While beer and fitness do not usually go together, this protein-enriched product demonstrates that the beer may soon become the drink of choice for fitness-conscious consumers.

Barbell Brew is a high-protein beer developed by the UK-based brand MuscleFood. The drink itself is a gluten-free wheat beer that boasts notes of caramel and tropical fruits. Unlike other beers, this particular brew is fortified with 21.8 grams or protein. In addition, the beer contains 85 percent fewer carbs and 33 percent fewer calories than a traditional pint.

While the idea of fitness-focused beer may sound unusual, Barbell Brew is part of a growing consumer demand for protein-rich food and beverages.