Sharetea's Avocado Rock Salt Cheese Drink is Part Salty, Part Sweet

In Sharetea's Rock Salt Cheese series, there's an unusual beverage that satisfies a desire for sweetness with cocoa, saltiness from cream cheese and health with creamy avocado.

The salty-sweet Avocado Cocoa Rock Salt drink puts a new spin on a style of drinks that's quite popular in Asia. Just as the beverage offers a range of flavors and textures, it also presents itself neatly in multiple layers separated by color—which makes the avocado, cocoa and cheese cream components clearly visible.

In addition to its Avocado Cocoa Rock Salt beverage, others in Sharetea's Rock Salt Cheese Series include flavors that are blended with bases like tea, taro and blueberry. The popularity of drinks like these reflect that consumers are craving unusual ingredient combinations that yield complex flavors and textures.