Rock & Raw's High Vibrational Gem Water is Infused with Healing Energy

 - Mar 23, 2016
References: rockandrawjewellery & instagram
Just as crystals play a big part in Rock & Raw's fine jewelry pieces for "spiritual trailblazers," they are also a potent ingredient in its infused gem water.

The bottled water boasts that it is able to provide 'High Vibrational Hydration' with an ingredient list that goes beyond just ordinary water. Some of the unusual additions to this drink include lavender, echinatia and the energy from a rose quartz crystal, all of which are revered for their abilities to heal the body in one way or another.

The healing energies of crystals are sometimes infused into hydrating beauty sprays and skin creams, among other products, but gem water gives consumers a more direct way to enjoy the health and beauty benefits of a tonic since it is taken internally.