Harmless Harvest's Coffee Water is Equivalent to Half an Espresso Shot

 - Mar 22, 2016
References: harmlessharvest
Harmless Harvest makes a coffee water beverage that's in line with growing demands from consumers for flavored, caffeinated and plant-based water alternatives.

The Coffee Coconut Water is made by combining fair trade and organic coffee beans with coconut water, which creates a potent, yet hydrating beverage, that is about the equivalent to drinking half a shot of espresso. Rather than using artificial ingredients, Harmless Harvest only uses nature's best in its ingredient list.

Like this Coffee Coconut Water product, there are similar beverages emerging in order to satisfy a health-conscious consumer's desire for hydration, health and energy in a single bottle. A great example of this Happy Tree's Maple Water Cold-Brew, which is a coffee beverage that's made with a base of maple water.