These Teas are Made from Organic Vegetables, Wild Herbs and Spices

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: shop.numitea
Numi is selling a line of savory vegetable teas that are made from unexpected ingredients. In recent years, consumers have come to enjoy the taste of vegetables in juices, smoothies and other beverages. Now there is a new tea collection that allows consumers to enjoy the subtle taste of veggies in the form of a pipping hot drink.

The SAVORY TEA line from Numi consist of products made from a combination of decaf tea, organic vegetables, wild herbs and rich spices. While the teas boast a rich vegetable flavor that is similar to soup, the drinks are designed to be light enough to enjoy any time of day. There are four different varieties to choose from, including Beet Cabbage, Tomato Mint, Broccoli Cilantro and Garden Sampler.

Numi's vegetable teas are likely to appeal to consumers who prefer the more savory flavor of vegetables to that of sweet fruits.