These Shots for Health Offer Nutrition, Energy and More on the Go

 - Apr 26, 2017
Aside from ordering the occasional shot of wheatgrass from their local juice bar, many health-conscious consumers are investing in shots for health that are bottled in convenient ready-to-drink formats. These shot-sized on-the-go bottles make it easy for consumers to intake a beneficial amount of superfoods like turmeric, charcoal or ginger — which they might not otherwise incorporate into their diet because of their potent flavors that can be unpleasant to swallow in larger quantities.

Alongside shots for health and overall wellness, there are also plenty of specialized functional shooters for beautification, supporting good gut health, reducing stress or strengthening the immune system. Some of the most standout products include BAO'S Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts, as well as OXiGEN's Oxygenated Water shots.

While this category has long been associated with green juice and herbs, coffee is also making a return as an energizing ingredient, as seen in cold-brewed energy shots from Forto Coffee and Harmonies Brew.