These Cultured Beverage Shots are Branded as "Liquid Pickle Boosts"

 - Nov 26, 2016
References: baofoodanddrink
The 'Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts' from BAO are a line of probiotic beverage shots that are meant to help with the restoration of balance and energy within the body.

The drinkable shots are offered in four varieties, including Green, Red Ginger, Deep Purple and Turmeric, all of which boast 35 mg of caffeine from organic green tea, as well as assorted ingredients to set each flavor apart. As BAO describes: "The acidity and electrolytes from the lactobacillus may help alleviate muscle strain."

Although the beverage shots are made with a 7000-year-old method of lacto-fermentation, consumers have taken a newfound interest in probiotic food and beverage products as of late, making the age-old techniques seem as fresh and inventive as ever.