Säpp's Birch Tree Water Comes in Varieties Infused with Nettle and Rosehip

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: sapplife.co
Säpp is a producer of all-natural birch tree water that's made from one simple ingredient. On its own, the organic birch water boasts more manganese than a cup of kale and less sugar than comparable coconut water beverages. As well as nourishing and hydrating the body, this beverage naturally detoxifies, balance blood pressures and supports a healthy immune system.

To make its healthful birch tree water even more enticing to health-conscious consumers, Säpp produces versions that are infused with nettle and rosehip, in addition to its Original flavor.

The high success of coconut water has opened up a whole new market for alternative plant-based water beverages from sources like cacti, artichokes and even olives. Säpp is a leader that's taking birch tree water to the next level.