Box Kite NYC's Espresso Tonic is Infused with Unconventional Ingredients

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: instagram & boxkitenyc.tumblr
The Espresso Tonic made by Box Kite NYC is not a conventional espresso cocktail. While many other drinks of this type are created to be sweet and creamy, this one brings out "an earthy sweetness, a spiced finish, and a rich autumnal savoriness."

This complex espresso cocktail is made from sensory ingredients that bring out some of the more naturally savory elements of Madcap's Kirura espresso. This includes unusual ones like "deeply savory" pumpkin seed oil, "slightly savory" sorghum syrup and black cardamom, which is steeped alongside the espresso. To round out the sensory experience of drinking this cocktail, it is garnished with concord grapes, which Box Kite NYC selected to provide a "juicy acidity."

After being first concocted for the Big Eastern Coffee Competition, a consumer-friendly version is now sold through Box Kite NYC.