From Long-Lasting Smoothie Mugs to Infusing Oil Misters

 - Mar 18, 2016
From long-lasting travel mugs that keep smoothies tasting fresh to infusing oil misters that add a touch of flavor, the March 2016 kitchen trends reveal a subtle change in the way consumers are cooking. Indeed, there is a growing demand for products that are portable, as well as tools that help consumers prepare more flavorful dishes.

While many consumers still prepare meals at home, they don't always have the time to eat these meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. Instead, many people are preparing meals and beverages that can be taken with them on the road. Some examples of portable kitchen products include long-lasting travel mugs that keep juices fresh, mobile French presses for making coffee on the go and porcelain mugs durable enough for the morning commute.

In addition to portability, the 2016 March kitchen trends also reveal a demand for tools that will help consumers make more flavorful dishes. For example, there are silicone herb infusers that make it easier for consumers to add herbs and spices to their dish. There are also infusing oil misters that allow consumers to evenly coat their dish in the perfect amount of oil.