The Lekue Popcorn Popper Makes Popcorn Making Healthier and Easier

 - Feb 1, 2016
References: amzn & thegreenhead
Although popcorn making has been a task in recent times that entailed a lot of oil and fat, the Lekue Popcorn Popper enables users to create healthy snacks with just a microwave and kernels.

Being that store-bought popcorn bags are often loaded with excess fat and chemicals, many consumers would opt to avoid popcorn altogether. The Lekue Popcorn Popper looks to reinvigorate the practice of traditional popped popcorn with a user experience that's easy and healthy.

After kernels have been added into the bottom of the bowl, the lid is placed on top and the device is placed into the microwave. From here, the Lekue Popcorn Popper will keep heat inside and allow the kernels to pop with just heat rather than using hot oil or butter.