The Pinch Espresso Set by Bradley Bowers Focuses on How Its Handled

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: bradleylbowers & core77
Drinking coffee is as much about the ritual of doing as it is of sipping and that is the underlying inspiration behind the Pinch Espresso Set. A playful interpretation of the classic dish collection, it boasts a cup with a pinched side -- hence its name -- and a saucer that is lifted on one side.

Designed by Miami-based designer Bradley Bowers, the Pinch Espresso Set was born after witnessing the ritual of drinking hot tea out of glass cups on a Persian Gulf trip. On that same trip, he exposed to a set of ancient oil lamps made of clay at a museum. Bowers shares, "I knew I wanted to create something that had the same power as those oil lamps from so long ago. They looked at once contemporary and ancient. My goal was to make a gesture and process tangible and eternal."