The 'Multikettle' is an Efficient Appliance for Quick Morning Routines

 - Feb 17, 2016
References: yankodesign
The morning routine is stressful enough as is which can lead some to skipping breakfast rather than deal with preparation, but the 'Multikettle' is an efficient appliance that will help save time. Packed with the ability to both boil water and food at the same time, the 'Multikettle' is a great addition to modern living spaces where efficiency is of the essence.

The 'Multikettle' is designed by Jang Younghee and also features the ability to transform into a food processor/blender, if desired. The efficient appliance helps offer an enhanced way to do everyday tasks without having to clutter up the kitchen with countless appliances.

Although the 'Multikettle' is conceptual at present, the design shows immense promise and would no doubt be a hit with a number of different consumer segments.