From Balanced Berry-Studded Cakes to Naughty No-Bake Indulgences

 - Feb 23, 2012
These yummy yogurt creations prove that eating healthy can be an adventure. Often maligned by food-lovers as a health nut's sad excuse for ice cream, yogurt is considered a compromise; however, these yogurt-spiked indulgences are looking to change the creamy treat's dull, restrained persona. More than just a faithful companion to a bowl of granola, yogurt proves its astounding adaptability with these tempting concoctions.

From greek yogurt frosting to frogurt-flavored pop, these quirky treats will have you looking at yogurt in a whole new light. While yogurt is still a healthy choice you can be proud of, these creamy confections make choosing yogurt a little less of a compromise. Add some funky fruit flavors to the mix and you're sure to send your taste buds soaring.

Lush, creamy and captivating, these yummy yogurt creations will change the way you think about yogurt.