These Breakfast Granola Cups are Nutritious and Delicious

The clever blogger Julie from the delicious blog Mommie Cooks crafted these healthy Breakfast Granola Cups. Offering a healthy rendition of the sugar-loaded cupcake, makes this balanced option somehow more appealing. While it may be more fun to reach for a bacon-topped cupcake first thing the morning, you'll likely be paying for your indiscretion with expanding love handles and a sugar crash like no other.

The darling Breakfast Granola Cups offer a well-rounded morning meal in a compact cupcake package that is sure to please fussy children and adults. Looking quite appealing all dressed up with a lush topping of yogurt and a smattering of jewel-toned berries, these Breakfast Granola Cups are actually quite tempting. Yes, in spite of their shockingly low calorie count these Breakfast Granola Cups are sure to be a welcome sight at any breakfast table.

Sensible, balance and strangely playful, these Breakfast Granola Cups keep you on a righteous path.