- Aug 6, 2008
References: monavie & clubmonavie
Monavie is a very potent Acai berry juice beldn so super rich in antioxidants, you can almost feel them awaken your body as they move from tastebuds to stomach.

The first thing that caught my eye about Monavie was the fantastic packaging! It comes in both a gel form and liquid juice. The original bottle design is great, but the second image in the gallery shows a limited edition redesign by Hint Creative, and it's superb too. Both versions make the superfruit juice look just like a bottle of red wine, but Monavie contains no traces of alcohol and is actually suitable for pregnant women and children.

That being said, it's important to point out that there are two variations of MonaVie, only one of which is suitable for kids and expecting mothers. The one that is not is MonaVie Active, a mixture geared toward athletes and those suffering with arthritis as it's high in qualities like glucosamine. While we're on ingredients, acai is only one of the 19 "body beneficial fruits" packed inside.

Other benefits include that it supports digestive functions and supports the heart, immune system and prostate; it boots energy and sexual stamina and is packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber and protein.

MonaVie is not sold online, only through in-person distributors. Each person I've talked to about Monavie is personal believer in the product, and I can see why. When I tried it, I felt instantly energized when I drank my shot glass -- because that's all it takes, twice a day -- and when I hit the gym a half hour later, my cardio felt a lot easier.

Maybe it was just in my head, but I'm a huge fan of superfruits like the Acai berry anyway, as you can see from the trends below.