Yumberry Juice

 - May 19, 2008
References: yumberryjuice & appetiteforchina
Could Yumberry Juice be the next hip super-drink? By the raves it has been receiving and the health benefits of the Yangmei fruit, Yumberry is on course to be a winner. Produced in China by the Yumberry Juice Company, who renamed the fruit for improved marketability, the beverage is bursting with antioxidants and vitamin C.

"Yangmei fruit grows in stream-surrounding hill regions above 550m altitude, suited to being the forms of organic production free from pesticides and fertilizer," AppetiteforChina says. "It's a genuinely natural drink."

Apparently the flavour of the Yangmei fruit is on the tart side, similar to a pomegranate, and what an adorable berry it is! The bumpy little red fruit is bountiful and in season in southern China during May. I'll be watching for Yumberry Juice in my grocery store.