Just Chill is a Natural Beverage Designed to Help You Kick Back & Relax

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: drinkjustchill & theworldsbestever
Just Chill is a refreshing new beverage with qualities opposite to those of an energy drink. Just Chill has been designed to help individuals kick back and relax with each and every sip. While energy drinks may increase productivity and concentration levels for some, Just Chill enables its drinkers to not only unwind, but also to focus more effectively.

The drink is made using all-natural ingredients and is packed with antioxidants and plenty of vitamins. Its unique blend of flavors and nutrients include L-theanine, Lemongrass, Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. With only 60 calories in every can, Just Chill is a healthy and delicious alternative to today's high-sugar, caffeinated beverages.

Implications - In today's society, more and more individuals are becoming conscious of their health and they ways they can improve their lifestyles. Businesses that offer nutritious and delicious products will likely benefit among modern consumers.