The Bacon Baby Infant Formula from J&D is Salty Milk

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: baconsalt.3dcartstores & buzzfeed
The Bacon Baby Infant Formula from infamous bacon lovers, J&D, is a unique way to get your baby hooked on bacon before their molars come in.

J&D has (jokingly) claimed to test the formula on infants who have allegedly started reading at the age of two as a result. J&D has claimed that their Bacon Baby Infant Formula stimulates brain development with the amount of fat from bacon.

According to the J&D site, "It ensures that your infants get the fat, proteins and complex nutrients that they need to excel at an early age, all in a savory, delicious-tasting formula. (**Note that we can’t guarantee that your baby will become smarter or more athletic from using this formula, as those particular claims are still undergoing review by the FDA - but we think you'll be pleased!**)"

Implications - Consumers are looking to purchase products that are unusual, translating to unconventional aesthetics and tastes. This is due to exhaustion with conventional products. Thus, companies that release novel items play into their curiosity for unique experiences.