- Oct 10, 2014
If you're vegetarian or vegan, no doubt you've sat down at the dinner table only to find little or no foods you can eat, which is where these meatless Thanksgiving recipes are going to come in handy to help make sure you don't end up just eating potatoes. Being that Thanksgiving is centered around turkey, gravy and pumpkin pie, it's very easy to forget about any veggie lovers that might be on your invite list. If you're such a guest, peruse this collection of meatless Thanksgiving recipes and find your fave to prepare beforehand and bring with you; it might just end up being a hit amongst those eyeing the turkey.

These meatless Thanksgiving recipes are also a great option for those who are looking to expand the dishes they're preparing to effectively offer options that are different from the usual fare.

From Meatless Pizza Appetizers to Fall Vegan Fruit Desserts: