The Veggie Cake May Inspire a Few Frowns From Sugar Junkies

Dessert lovers avert your eyes because this Veggie Cake will only make you upset, but if your fond of rabbit food and you think celery is the bee’s knees, then by all means feast your eyes on this sumptuous tower of greenery. Originally from the blog Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, this Veggie Cake was conceived as a creative take on the usual yawn-worthy veggie platter. The center of the cake is filled with ranch dressing, but even if your fond of the dip, you must eat the surrounding veggies to get to the creamy center.

Although it may inspire frustration among sugar lovers in the crowd, Vegetarians and veggie plate fanatics will appreciate the over the top spectacular presentation. A fun and innovative way to add a colorful centerpiece to any party, the Veggie Cake is wonderfully offbeat and unexpected.

Sure to make a splash at your next gathering, give this fresh crunchy cake a go.