This Vegetarian Flatbread is the Perfect Size to Share with Friends

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: thekitchn
If you're hosting a fancy birthday party, serving your guests a vegetarian flatbread dish will tide them over until the main course is ready to be served.

This thin healthy pizza dough is topped with a sliced sweet potato, ricotta cheese, some parmesan cheese and arugula. This flatbread is definitely better than ordering in pizza, as the homemade aspect ensures you and your guests know exactly what's in the food that's being served.

When you've finished decorating the pizza with your yummy ingredients -- feel free to top it off with other common favorite vegetables -- simply leave the vegetarian flatbread in the oven for seven to eight minutes.

Once cooled, simply leave it out for your guests to take pieces while they socialize with other guests at the party.