This Caprese Dip by Food Gospel According to Ruth is a Cheesy Dip

Heaven does exist in a casserole dish form known as the caprese dip by Food Gospel According to Ruth. For those who have frequented Italian restaurants enough to know the wonder that is caprese salad, this salad-inspired spread does not disappoint and stays true to its roots.

A traditional caprese salad, which consists of sweet tomatoes, Boston mozzarella and aged balsamic vinegar, is often served on a platter and topped with a sprig of basil. This caprese dip by Food Gospel According to Ruth takes an entirely new approach by trading in a plate for a casserole dish.

Fill a casserole dish with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil and place in a hot oven until the cheese is a masterpiece of melted and bubbly perfection. Perfect as an appetizer or side, this salad spread can be served with crackers, crusty french bread and veggie sticks. With this on the appetizer table dinner might not even be necessary.