10 Alcoholic Drinks to Avoid

 - Sep 26, 2008
References: calwineries
Most of us wouldn't consider a Big Mac or a large order of French fries to be on any diet plan worth its salt, but we have no problem bellying up to the bar and ordering calorie-laden cocktails that are every bit as disastrous for our waistlines as these forbidden fast foods.

Dieters, put down that Piña Colada and leave that Long Island Iced Tea alone. If you drink one of each of these popular poolside cocktails in one sitting, you're consuming over 1100 calories. Drinking four of either of these drinks more than fulfills the standard 2,000-calorie daily diet.

These two popular tipples aren't the only caloric offenders on the average cocktail list. Here are eight more high-calorie cocktails to avoid:

1. Piña Colada, 586 calories
2. Long Island Iced Tea, 543 calories
3. Mai Tai, 620 calories
4. Godiva Chocolate Martini, 356 calories
5. Strawberry Daiquiri, 300 calories
6. Mudslide, 556 calories
7. Cosmopolitan, 340 calories
8. Rum and Regular Coke, 356 calories
9. Margarita, 550 calories
10. White Russian, 320 calories