From Chilled Green Salads to Mouth-Watering Pastries

 - Jun 23, 2012
When the weather gets hot, there's nothing worse than eating a hot bowl of soup but these summerlicious munchies will offer ideas on how to cool down with a chilled scrumptious bite.

There's something about the summer months that makes people want to gorge on healthy, crisp salads and fresh fruits. It's hot enough so there's no point in eating foods that'll drag you down with fatigue and make you feel overly stuffed and bloated. Instead of downing a burger and fries combo, switch to something more refreshing and nutritious such as an avocado pizza or berry-infused pie.

If you can't give up those delectable hot greasy foods, then wash it down with something cold such as a mouth-watering watermelon shooter or an ultra cold raspberry cocktail.