Disgusting British Flavoured Ice Cream

 - Sep 7, 2008
References: news.sky
A range of 20 ice creams were created with Britain's best-known delicacies. The results, sound disgusting.

The ice cream was created as a PR story for laterooms.com. The company worked with Morelli's ice cream parlour at Harrods and used a poll of 500 people to pick flavours to represent the UK.

Flavours include:

Yorkshire pudding
Arbroath smokies
Pork pies
Clotted cream
Sausage and mash
Pork pie
Cornish pasty
Cheddar cheese flavour
Lancashire hot pot
Eccles cake
Kendal mint cake

The inevitable PR quote came from Kathy Gwinnett, of Laterooms.com, whose PR agency put the following words into her mouth, "It is interesting that the humble Yorkshire pudding tops the list of favourite British delicacies. We're lucky to be spoiled for choice and the massive array of regional flavours that make up the taste of Britain shows just how much the UK has to offer."