These Sunny Day Jelly Shot Parfaits are the Perfect Summer Treat

Celebrate the sunny days of summer with these vibrant and boozy Sunny Day Jelly Shot Parfaits. When a simple shooter just won't do, up the alcoholic ante and reach these hefty jars full of jiggling liquor. Created by the brilliant minds at 'Jelly Shot Test Kitchen,' these vivacious treats are the ultimate way to get your drink on.

Each Sunny Day Jelly Shot Parfait comes complete with a punchy gelatine sun sitting atop a sea of Malibu-soaked, berry-blue jelly streaked with ribbons of whipped topping. Providing you with the perfect summertime buzz, these drunken desserts are the perfect compliment to a carefree attitude and a fabulous pair of sunnies. Slurp these babies back and you'll be sitting pretty in the hazy humid sun of the summer.

Celebrate the hottest season of them all by donning your bikini and lounging poolside with a trashy novel and boozy parfait in hand.