Nepurée Makes Juice and Food From Rejected Produce

 - Feb 6, 2007
The concept is inspired by the Japanese word “mottainai” which means “what a waste!” and the eagerness to reduce waste food. Under the brand name Nepurée, the product includes juices, foods and desserts. These products are made from fruits and vegetables which are rejected from stores because they are deformed or bruised. So yes, it isn't really 'recycled' food, but you get the point.

“The new shape of vegetables” is the message from the manufacturer, Vegetech Co. and its partner, Kanto Orto Co. This is a trend that making use of discarding fruits and vegetables. Intense heat is applied to fruits and vegetable for a short period of time. No cutting instruments are used to preserve the nutrition. Then the next step is to blend fruits and vegetables and make them into the purée form. Their products become the attractive nutritional supplements.