Zrii With Super Fruit Amalaki

 - Jun 6, 2008
References: majesticamalaki9.myzrii
Zrii is the perfect summer drink for those who don't want to sabotage their diets while bathing suit season is in full swing. The juice is based on the 5,000 year old practices of Ayurveda and is packed with the natural healing properties of super fruit, amalaki, a berry found in the Himalayas.

The beverage, which is endorsed by the Chopra Center, founded by Dr. Deepak Chopra, is being referred to as "the wellspring of abundant health."

Zrii is "the perfect marriage of natural resources, the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, and the knowledge of state-of-the-art Western medical science," according to the site.

The fruit juice blend is rejuvenating, supplying the body with vitality and refreshed energy. Zrii uses no preservatives and because the air and soil in the Himalayan region of harvest are so pure, the fruit juice content is of the highest, untainted quality.

"Perhaps the one word that best describes the Zrii way of life is abundance. Abundance isn't just one of our core beliefs. It's a philosophy that those who join Zrii choose to live in all aspects of life," the site explains.

"And Zrii offers a path to abundant living through the health benefits of its product, the financial benefits of its Prosperity Plan, and the personal growth benefits of associating with leaders and icons committed to being mentors and examples.

"Now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing."

With all the hyper around super foods, it's hard to keep up with what's out there, but Zrii has promising potential to gain widespread popularity, especially because it's being delivered with such powerful endorsement and inspirational lifestyle statements.