Looking for a holistic cure for that constipation? Want a little more regularity, but don't want to take any harsh laxatives?

In Germany, the big trend for getting' things going is sipping on organic sauerkraut juice. For cramp free, all natural relief, this is the colon regulator of choice. Initially only available at health food stores and upscale drugstores, the salty veggie drink has moved its way to shelves of major grocery stores, including the king of grocs, Aldi.

Sauerkraut has other health benefits too, including being rich in vitamin C and fiber. It's low in calories too for the weight conscious. Just make sure it's raw sauerkraut juice you're having if you're looking for regularity. The jarred stuff is usually cooked and won't be as effective.

Drinking fermented cabbage water? It's not so bad: for a stern German anyway.

Bottoms up!