From Burnt Ceiling Murals to Burning Cities

 - Mar 8, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
Usually burning is a bad thing, that's not the case with these bodacious burning innovations. Sometimes burning makes things better. Sometimes.

I wouldn't recommend trying to burn yourself, I don't think it would make you better. If you want to dig what I'm sprinkling you should click through all of these bodacious burning innovations, from painful patterned sunburns to laser pointers that burn.

Implications - These bodacious burning innovations truly are sizzling hot and scorchingly painful! I would much rather look through this gallery of badass burns than get any of these unfortunate burns myself. With that being said, let this be a warning to all you sun worshipers who think they don't need any sunscreen; no one can escape the sun's harmful rays, not even juice-heads!