Urban Reality Collectibles

 - Dec 26, 2007   Updated: May 25 2011
References: chinnychinchin.net & popgadget.net
Urban Collectibles are burned and smashed toyed cars. The novel toys offer you the opportunity to convince your younger kids that the world isn't always shiny. These hand-burned and otherwise mutilated toy cars will prepare your child for the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Implications - Each of the Urban Collectable cars are completely unique since each one is hand burnt. Types of cars that are featured in the collection include "The Joy ridden 2-door Hatchback, The Mini Van/Insurance Scam and The Petrol Bombed Jeep." Kids may not have too much fun with these cars, since they are pretty beaten up and possibly can't roll any longer. Some of the cars are even placed upside down as if they have been involved in a roll-over.