So Your Hands Match Your Botoxed Face

 - May 13, 2008
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Skin treatments commonly used for the face to improve the appearance of aging skin are now being used to reduce the tell tale signs of aging in hands. Fortunes are spent on beautifying and making the face look younger but hands are often neglected so they can betray one's age. Age spots, prominent veining, contour changes accumulate with the years.

Some plastic surgeons are now offering hand rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peelers, lasers to remove unwanted veins and age spots and temporary fillers to re-contour the hands. Intense pulsed light therapy also works to get rid of age spots. Lasers can also be used in “feathering” the wrist area to remove lines. The treatments are not appropriate for those who suffer from certain medical conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson's disease.

The full hand treatment could set you back $3000- 5000. But when money is no object, people will pay to keep on looking young for as long as possible.